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The Perfect Take: A Musician’s Guide to Happiness & Wellbeing

Book Title: The Perfect Take: A Musician’s Guide to Happiness & Wellbeing

Author: Rory C. Morgan

Genre: Self-help

Subject: Music


The Perfect Take: A Musician’s Guide to Happiness & Wellbeing was borne out of a desire to impact the younger generation.

Rory C. Morgan, a rapper, a songwriter, an author, and an entrepreneur amidst many other things puts out this gift to the world- the lessons and the experiences he picked up from doing music for over a decade.

The Perfect Take is an eye-opener to making great music and living an overall balanced life in every regard. Rory recognizes how ambition tends to take a toll on one’s mental health.

He therefore reminds us to be mindful, points us to the things that affect our mental state, and overall teaches high impact techniques that’ll help us live a happier, healthier life while steadily progressing with our musical careers.


In a world filled with musicians who remember to chase only the clout and give little regard to wellbeing, Rory C. Morgan has come out with a very powerful book.

He reminds us that our wellbeing comes first- physical, emotional, and most importantly, our mental health.

He dips into over a decade of experience rapping and structuring bars to filter out this priceless read- an indeed fixating and perfect take on the musician’s path to well-being and happiness.

From the very beginning, the author’s intention was clear: to connect with his readers. Unlike rigid guides with equally rigid language, The Perfect Take is personal and essentially a conversation.

Rory shares his experience growing up, embracing his 75% black Caribbean and 25% white Norwegian identity in the most unlikely of places.

The Perfect Take captures how his experience growing up widens his perspective and fuels his embrace of the human race.

Suffering is suffering no matter your ethnicity, job title or social status.

Rory C. Morgan

As he has learnt, he teaches us to embrace other cultures as well. it does not matter where they’re from. It does not matter what races, what skin tone, what ethnicity, gender or social class.

He sheds light on the personal experiences that influenced his perceptions. The writer goes on to delve into the power of words.

As a rapper, how long should a verse be? What level of commitment should you invest into each line? He brilliantly answers these questions.

Words travel thousands of miles and words recorded in songs will live forever. As you are writing your next song realise that you are writing words which will subsequently outlive you.

Rory C. Morgan

‘Essentially, your music should be liberating and cathartic. Each word should reflect your innermost thoughts and feelings,’ he expresses.

Rory C. Morgan reinforces Eminem’s principal that every line of your music should be a punchline. It’s just so important. Every word. Focus more on the impact of your Lines rather than the length of the verse.

The Perfect Take also goes on to discuss in detail the powers of collaboration with friends and technical experts of the production craft.

Like a musical Scripture, The Perfect Take reveals the paths to the purest rhymes and resonance, tonality, studio drills, and techniques, currently unknown to you, that would greatly help to improve your lyricism, delivery, production, and your music career in general.

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