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A Book of Yuval Noah Harari Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

What makes the people to know about history of human kind by its 4 major proportions.

Author: Yuval Noah Harari

Genre: Non-finction

Publisher: Harper

Word Count: 133,110

Number of Pages: 464

Publication Year: 2014 in English


Yuval Noah Harari tells about the brief history of human kind by distributing the book into four major eras.

It was highly accepted by the general public and scholars with expertise in related disciplines are highly critical of its scientific claims.

Yuval explain all the major four portions by the historical perspective and get its hugely acceptance.

Main Points

  • There have been three major revolutions in human history: the scientific revolution, the agricultural revolution, and the scientific revolution.
  • Homo sapiens conquered the world by its unique language.
  • The scientific revolution took place between 70,000 and 30,000 years ago. This allowed Homo sapiens to communicate at a level never seen before in the language.
  • As far as we know, only Homo sapiens can talk about things we have never seen, touched or smelled.

Full Review (History perspective)

Yuval Noah Harari is a writes of three popular books. He faces many questions by reader and community upon sapiens.Is a new world war approaching?Is God come back?What does the rise of Donald Trump mean?What civilization dominates the world: the West, China, Islam?Can nationalism solve the problems of inequality and climate change?What should we teach our children?

He start his journey from the book sapiens which is highly accepted by the general public as well as by the scholars. He write “Homo Dues” which is also a popular book and tells about the future perspective of the world.

By getting huge critical questions and the argumentation from the readers. He write the book “21 Lesson for the 21st century” upon argumentation.

“Sapiens: A brief history of Humanity” offers a provoking insight into the speedy growth of humanity round the world. Yuval Noah Harari strategies the difficulty with a completely unique point of view, frequently opposite, so that it will without a doubt make you observed. the author’s clear writing fashion makes it smooth to read.

One must need to read if you are not familiar with this book.

  • Early human development.
  • Transition from hunter-gatherers to agricultural societies.
  • The strength of shared myths in the formation of humanity.

Harari surveys the history of humankind in the Stone Age up to the 21st century, that specialize in Homo sapiens. He distribute the history of Sapiens into four major components:

  • Cognitive Revolution (c. 70,000 BC, when Sapiens advanced creativeness).
  • Agriculture Revolution (c. 10,000 BC, the agricultural development).
  • The unification of humankind (the consolidation of humankind politics towards one empire globaly).
  • The clinical Revolution (c. 1500 CE, the emerging of science).

Why i like Yuval Noah Harari?

I really enjoyed the historical aspects that Harari used beautiful by his imagination and concepts for the historical aspects and telling the future concern of his next book Homo Dues. Harari try to realistic touch to the history by his effective argumentation and imagination, he boost everyone to read the book by his strong provoking imaginations.

It’s an excellent book that I recommend, everyone must read this book.

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