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Author Of The Month: Rory C Morgan

This month’s Author is Rory C Morgan, who is an artist, author, and entrepreneur. He has written three amazing self-help books. He grew up in South London and has long been intended to write self-help books. His first book was Own Your Words, which was published in 2020. His first book Own Your Words was formed by turning his university dissertation into a short book. His other two books were also published in the same year which is The Perfect Take: A Musician’s Guide To Happiness & Wellbeing and The Quiet Investor: A Musician’s Guide To Investing. Rory C Morgan has a keen interest in books written towards the end of slavery by black authors and likes self-help and business genre books. His interest in Black history and great writing and entrepreneurship qualities encouraged him to write books and start his own clothing brand Its raw and become an entrepreneur.

“Entrepreneurs have the courage and self-belief to turn dreams into reality articulating freedom in spirit, creativity, and vision”

Rory C morgan manages two blogs. The Smart Donnys co-owned by Kevin Munga, which is a blog about Colorism, Mental Health, Entrepreneurship, and Financial tips. His blog provides great posts about mental health and entrepreneurship ideas and journeys, which are a must-read for everybody. His other blog is about book reviews. This Book blog strongly focuses on Black Authors. It is a blog that promotes Black Authors. The aim of the RCM book review blog is to show, recommend, highlight, and support black authors and books written by them, which are mostly not found or recommended by many other book review blogs and bloggers. The Black authors despite their great writing qualities, entrepreneurship, and storytelling skills have many times been ignored as compared to the white authors. This book blog helps every person of color to know about the black authors who not only are amazing human beings but also an inspiration to the whole of humanity.

Rory C Morgan wants to create something that helps his followers and all the people in general. His book Own Your Words helps musicians how to control their emotions and think more about business and entrepreneurship. Talking with him, he shared the current book which he is reading, The Mis-Education of the Negro. His favorite music genre is Hip-Hop.

He is currently working on creating a Podcast where he can talk about different things like World literacy, colorism, and on many other different topics. Rory C Morgan inspires us in many ways. His enthusiasm to focus on black personalities and highlight problems on colorism and race evokes harmony and educates the world about the Black authors, personalities, Racism, and entrepreneurship.

Rory C Morgan’s clothing brand ItsRawClothing is based in Thornton Heath. His clothing brand sells a stunning variety of jumpers, t-shirts, wooly hats, and face masks. You can check his clothing brand here.

“Words travel thousands of miles and words recorded in songs will live forever. As you are writing your next song realise that you are writing words which will subsequently outlive you”

Rory C Morgan is an amazing rapper and musician. His music videos can be found here.

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